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Juvenile Accountability Block Grants (JABG) TTA Program

Federal JABG funds are administered by the State Relations and Assistance Division (SRAD) of OJJDP and are aimed at reducing juvenile offending by supporting existing or intended State legislation or programs that promote greater accountability in the juvenile justice system.

JABG 17 Purpose Areas and Performance Measures

JABG Technical Assistance Request Examples
Summaries of JABG training and technical assistance provided by NTTAC to municipalities and community groups.

JABG Strategic Planning Guide (PDF, 416 KB)
The Guide is a planning tool providing a conceptual framework to analyze juvenile justice system needs and determine the most effective use of JABG funds.

OJJDP Logic Models
The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) grant recipients are required to track and report performance data. To assist applicants, OJJDP's grant solicitations include logic models that are designed to help applicants select the most relevant performance measures for their program.

OJJDP Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Program Summary

NTTAC Information Collection on JABG programs

Related Resources

Balanced & Restorative Justice Curriculum (developed by NTTAC)
This NTTAC curriculum can be used by juvenile justice professionals, including probation and parole officers, prosecutors, judges, case managers, and victim advocates working to change their programs, values, and organizational culture in order to reflect a more balanced and restorative approach to juvenile justice.

Juvenile Drug Courts Curriculum (developed by NTTAC)
Can be used by the juvenile drug court teams and community members for trainings in order to enhance the continuum of services for youth and families founded on evidence-based models, and develop a systems approach to juvenile drug court planning and enhancements.

JABG-related Publications & Resources
Resources related to JABG goals from other organizations

Typical JABG TTA requests include:

  • Graduated Sanctions

  • Restorative Justice

  • Training for Law Enforcement

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