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Faith in Action: Working with Children of Incarcerated Parents

Training Summary

  This 90-minute Webinar informs faith-based and community leaders about alarming trends of youth delinquency, substance abuse, and poor academic attainment due to family instability and the anger that develops as a result of having an incarcerated parent.  Panelists highlight several significant impacts on the health and safety of youth at risk of delinquency due to parent absenteeism due to incarceration; and provide resources that leaders can use to make a positive difference for youth and communities.

  Learning Objectives:
  • Learn practical tips on how to most effectively provide support to children and caregivers of incarcerated parents

  • Understand how juvenile delinquency is related to the incarceration of one or more parents and the impact on the youth’s education, health, and general wellness

  • Explore the key elements of prevention best practices, and connect with resources and tools to help faith-based and community leaders implement effective youth focused programs.

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Hosted By:
OJJDP National Training and Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC)

Type of Training:

July 2013

Child Advocacy and Protection, Delinquency Prevention, Specialized Populations

Child Advocacy/Protection, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Delinquency Prevention, Children of Incarcerated Parents

Juvenile Justice, Delinquency Prevention, Substance Abuse, Youth, Incarcerated Parents, Faith-Based, Communities