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The Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention - Webinar Series

School-Based Health Professionals Respond to Bullying

Training Summary

  School-based health centers and school nurses know that healthy students learn better. Their goal is to enhance students’ health, academic outcomes, and overall well-being. They recognize that if bullying is addressed by everyone, it is a win-win for every student. This webinar, School-Based Health Professionals Respond to Bullying, part of the Bullying Prevention Webinar series from the Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention, identifies the role of school-based health staff and looks at bullying from a clinic's perspective.

  Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the role of school nurses and school-based health staff in preventing and responding to incidents of bullying

  • Learn about model strategies to assist bystanders who witness bullying and want to "step in" but don't know how

  • Hear the perspectives of a school clinician and a youth working on bullying issues

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Hosted By:
OJJDP National Training and Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC)

Type of Training:

October 2012

Child Advocacy and Protection


Bullying, Schools, Health, Nurses, Peers, Peer Culture, Teen, Teenager, Community