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2014 Learning Academy Webinar Series
September 11, 2014   Matching Service to Need – Exploring What “High-Risk, High-Need” Means for FDCs
July 10, 2014   So How Do You Know They Are Really Ready? Key Considerations for Assessing Families in Recovery for Reunification
June 14, 2014   Closed Doors or Welcome Mat? Opening the Way for Medical Assisted Treatment in FDC

EduNet 2014
June 26, 2014   Best Practices in Child Forensic Interviewing
June 11, 2014   Parent-Child Reunification after Allegations of Unfounded Sexual Abuse
June 6, 2014   Authority Abuse
May 22, 2014   Minimizing Miscommunication in Child Forensic Interviews
May 15, 2014   Child Interviewing: Update on Research and Practice
May 14, 2014   Expert Testimony in Human Trafficking
May 8, 2014   Don’t Get Fooled-The Truth About Recent Media Coverage on Abusive Head Trauma in Infants And Young Children
April 24, 2014   Clash of the Experts: Fractures and Head Trauma in Court

Effective Presentations
June 24, 2014   Materials — Providing Effective Materials that Complement Presentations
May 27, 2014   Presentation Skills — Using the Body, Gestures, Voice and Visual Aids
April 29, 2014   Learning Activities — Making Learning Interactive

What Works: The Practitioner's Response to Theory and Evidence
April 30, 2014   Trauma-Informed Care

Supportive School Discipline (SSD) Webinar Series
April 29, 2014   SSD Guiding Principle 3: Equity and Continuous Improvement

April 23, 2014 Essentials for Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers: A Web-Based Positive Parenting Resource to Prevent Child Maltreatment

April 23, 2014 Implications of Adverse Childhood Experiences for Practitioners

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Girls Matter!
April 2014 Girls and Substance Use: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
March 2014 The Girl in the Mirror: Behavioral Health of Adolescent Girls
February 2014 Growing Up Girl: Adolescent Development and the Unique Issues Facing Girls

April 2014 Individuals and the Building of a Major Gifts Program Webinar with Lisa M. Dietlin

EduNet 2014
April 2014 Multigenerational Childhood Sexual Victimization
April 2014 Understanding Perpetrators of Sexual Crimes Against Children
March 2014 What Everyone Who Works with Victims Needs to Know About Offenders
March 2014 Essential Tools for Internet Investigations
March 2014 Out of the Shadows at Last: The Investigation and Prosecution of Male Victims of Sexual Abuse with Roger Canaff

2014 Learning Academy Webinar Series
April 2014 Our Grant is Over – Now What? Re-Financing and Re-Directing as Real Sustainability Planning for Your FDC

April 2014 Working Together: Insights from a Successful Multi-agency Collaboration

Supportive School Discipline (SSD) Webinar Series
March 2014 Guiding Principle 2: Clear, Appropriate, and Consistent Expectations and Consequences
February 2014 Guiding Principle #1: Fostering Positive School Climate to Prevent Behavioral Issues and Promote Student Success
January 2014 Overview of the School Discipline Guidance Package
July 2013 Transforming School Climate Through Trauma Informed Practices
May 2013 Using Youth Courts as a Supportive School Discipline Practice
April 2013 At the Intersection of School Safety and Supportive Discipline: Navigating the Roles and Responsibilities of School Resource Officers
March 2013 Stemming the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Applying Restorative Justice Principles to School Discipline Practices
February 2013 Addressing Truancy - Innovative Approaches to Systemically Increasing Attendance and Reducing Chronic Truancy
January 2013 Alternatives to Traditional School Discipline: The Multi-Tiered Behavioral Health Prevention Framework
January 2013 Making the Case for Positive Approaches to Discipline

Improving Conditions of Confinement for Vulnerable Populations
March 2014 Access to Healthcare for Vulnerable Populations
February 2014 Reducing the Risk of Suicide with Vulnerable Populations
January 2014 Isolation Practices With Vulnerable Populations: Impact and Alternatives

Effective Presentations
March 2014 Program Planning — Creating a Blueprint for an Educational Program

March 2014 Evaluation in Action: Lessons Learned from Colorado's Juvenile Diversion Program

Collaborative Mentoring
March 2014 Screening and Safety Training for Mentors
February 2014 Introduction to the National Mentoring Resource Center
January 2014 Briefing: New National Report on Young People's Perspectives on Mentoring
December 2013 Did it Work? Evaluating Youth Outcomes in Relationship-Based Programs
September 2013 Readiness Matters: The Importance and Impact of Mentor Training

March 2014 GEMS Training Institute Webinar: How to be a Good Ally

Faith and Communities in Action Webinar Series
March 2014 Making Dollars and Sense Webinar
February 2014 Building Capacity within your Organization
January 2014 A Partnership Approach to Program Sustainability

March 2014 "Finding the Fund$ in Fundraising": An Ask the Expert Facebook Forum from CMACO with Lisa Dietlin

March 2014 PREA Compliance and Governor Certification

March 2014 Tested and Proven - Utilization of Recovery Support Specialists as a Key Engagement and Retention Strategy in FDC (and Beyond)

February 2014 Safety Systems: Examining Human and Systems Behavior in Keeping Children Safe with Scott Modell

February 2014 How Therapy Animal Programs Can Help Maltreated Children

February 2014 Responding to the Second Chance Act Smart Supervision Solicitation

February 2014 Branding: Creating and Managing Perceptions in Your Community

2014 Abandoned Infants Association (AIA) Webinar Series
February 2014 Promoting Protective Caregiving Roles for Parents with Co-occurring Disorders

Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation
February 2014 Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS) Purpose Area Web Meetings for OVC and OJJDP
February 2014 Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS) Purpose Area Web Meetings for BJA, COPS, and OVW
January 2014 Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS) Budget Overview
January 2014 Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS) General Overview

February 2014 Preventing Youth Violence

Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) Education and Juvenile Justice Training Project
February 2014 Special Ed Law:101-Understanding Rights of Youth w/Special Ed Needs in JJ Facilities
October 2013 Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Programs: Reintegrating Youth Into Public School Settings Successfully

February 2014 Tips for Testifying in Child Abuse Cases with Justin Fitzsimmons, JD

February 2014 Creating, Scheduling, Planning: The Fundamentals of Social Media Messaging

February 2014 Drilling Down: An Analytical Look at Evidence-Based Practice Resources

January 2014 Examining Disproportionate Minority Contact for Asian/Pacific Islander Youth: Strategies to Effectively Address DMC Webinar

January 2014 School Discipline Guidance Package: Title IV and Title VI Civil Rights Guidance

N&D InFocus Series
January 2014 Educational Experiences of Children and Youth in the Child Welfare System

January 2014 When the Abuse of Animals Co-Occurs With Child Abuse

January 2014 Pre-Application Webinar - Circles of Care Grants
Planning and Developing Infrastructure to Improve the Mental Health and Wellness of Children, Youth and Families in American Indian/Alaska Natives (AI/AN) Communities

January 2014 Introduction to the Inmate Education Video and Facilitator’s Guide

January 2014 An Update on Sex Offender Registration with Allison Turkel

January 2014 Underage Drinking Laws: How are we doing and where are we going?

January 2014 Effective Youth Diversion Strategies for Law Enforcement

January 2014 Automated Victim Notification: The Landscape in the US

January 2014 Pre-Application RFA for System of Care Expansion Planning Grants and System of Care Expansion Implementation Cooperative Agreements

January 2014 Poly-victimization: Childhood Exposure to Multiple Forms of Victimization with Sherry Hamby and Heather Turner

December 2013 I'm Thinking of Applying for the USDA Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program

December 2013 Introduction to 2013 Planning & Implementation Guide for Second Chance Act Juvenile Grantees

December 2013 Working with Children in Indian Country: Mandatory Reporting Obligations and Victims' Rights in Federal Courts

Cyber Crimes Webinar Series
December 2013 Cyber Crimes Webinar Series – Part 3
Safety Strategies for Families
November 2013 Cyber Crimes Webinar Series – Part 2
Cyber Security Options
October 2013 Cyber Crimes Webinar Series – Part 1
Current Trends and Issues

December 2013 How and Why to Protect Young Athletes from Sexual Abuse, Bullying and Harassment

December 2013 Family Engagement and Supporting Nonoffending Caregivers

December 2013 OJJDP Quarterly TTA Provider Network Meeting

December 2013 Self-Care While Caring for Others: Methods and Strategies
August 2013 The Pursuit of Happiness: Personal Wellbeing and the Management of Stress

December 2013 Family Centered Treatment Webinar

Developing Partnerships with Community-Based Service Providers
December 2013 Developing Partnerships with Community-Based Service Providers: Part II
November 2013 Developing Partnerships with Community-Based Service Providers: Part 1

December 2013 Creating Community Solutions: How to Connect to the National Discussion on Mental Health

December 2013 Pre-Grant Application Webinar – Project TEAM –
Helping Tribes and State/Local Governments Create Joint Jurisdiction Collaborations

November 2013 Prosecuting Sexual Abuse in Confinement: A Case Study

November 2013 Impact of Polyvictimization on LGBTQ Youth and Adults

November 2013 Recruitment, Re-engagement & Re-entry: Incorporating the Youth Voice into Juvenile Justice Reform

November 2013 Mitigating Implicit Bias and Disparity in the Juvenile Court System

Tailoring Academic and Behavioral Support Services for Youth
November 2013 Introducing the NDTAC Practice Guide and Learning about Multiple Education Settings
July 2013 Promoting Educational Success by Addressing Behavioral and Social Needs
May 2013 Engaging Students Who are At Risk Through Instruction To Address Gaps in Academic Skills and Accelerate Learning
February 2013 The Use of Data and Effective Transition in Providing Individually Tailored Academic and Behavioral Support Services for
Youth in the Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Systems

November 2013 All Families, All Children

November 2013 Identifying Drug Endangered Children: A Collaborative Approach

November 2013 Working with Data from the Pathways to Desistance Study

November 2013 How the PREA Standards for Lockups Impact Local Law Enforcement

October 2013 Are you a Guiding Force on your Non-Profit Board?

October 2013 School to Prison Pipeline: An Overview of the Issues and Potential Solutions for Reform

October 2013 What Domestic Violence Advocates Need to Know About How New Health Policy Changes Can Help Survivors of Domestic Violence

October 2013 Interviewing Children with Disabilities II

October 2013 Developing Facility-Level Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs)

October 2013 Flex Learning Training of Facilitators

October 2013 Civil Citations, Juvenile Justice, and the Impact on DMC

October 2013 Counter-Child Trafficking: Free Global Online Conference
Victim, Survivor, Leader: Empowering CSE and Trafficked Youth

September 2013 Partner or Window-Dressing: A Model for Empowering Youth to Make Change

September 2013 Collaborative Approaches to Justice Information Sharing among Tribal, State and Local Justice Agencies

September 2013 Social Host Laws: The Good, the Bad and the Changes

OJJDP Training and Technical Assistance Network Webinar Series
September 2013 Leveraging Social Media to Promote Training and Technical Assistance
June 2013 Data, Trends, and Gender-Responsive Approaches With Girls
April 2013 Lights, Camera, Action: How to Add Impact as a Webinar Presenter
October 2012 Understanding and Complying with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act

September 2013 The National PREA Standards: Confidentiality, Ethics, and the Law

September 2013 Raising the Bar in FDCs - A Look at FDC Guidelines

September 2013 Creating Collaboration Through Community Policing

September 2013 Child Trafficking, Girls, and Detention: A Call to Reform

September 2013 Sexual Assault Forensic Protocol Guide for Corrections: Working Together to Provide a Collaborative Victim-Centered Response

September 2013 Demystifying Survey Data Collection

Improving Conditions of Confinement Webinar Series
September 2013 Putting It All Together: How Juvenile Facilities Can Create and Sustain Improved Conditions for Youth
July 2013 Providing Access to Counsel to Improve Facility Conditions
May 2013 Monitoring Conditions from the Inside and Out
March 2013 Creating Healthy Environments: Supporting the Mental Health of Youth in Confinement Facilities
January 2013 Designing and Implementing Quality Education Programs in Confinement Settings
November 2012 Strategies for Effective Facility-Based Behavior Management
September 2012 Creating and Sustaining Improved Conditions for Youth in Custody

August 2013 Knowledge Sharing Community: Passing the Judicial Baton – Why Judicial Leadership and Succession Matter in FDC

August 2013 Interviewing Children with Disabilities

August 2013 Mending the Circle: Challenges and Opportunities in Addressing Sexual Abuse in Tribal Detention Settings

August 2013 Interviewing Children with Disabilities

August 2013 Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Community Corrections

August 2013 Preventing and Addressing Sexual Abuse in Tribal Detention Facilities:
The Impact of the Prison Rape Elimination Act

August 2013 Knowledge Sharing Community: So Who Are You Really Serving?
The Challenge of Serving Special Populations in FDCs

August 2013 Social Math: Bringing Your Program Data to Life

August 2013 A Trauma Informed Effective Reinforcement System for Girls

July 2013 Behavioral Health Treatment for Juveniles: Transitioning Youth from Out-of-Home Placement to the Community

July 2013 Detainee/Resident Education in Police Lockups & Community Confinement

July 2013 Tribal Youth Development, Empowerment, & Leadership

Non-Profit Sustainability Webinar Series
July 2013 Finding Funds: Developing a Fundraising Plan for Your Organization
July 2013 Leadership from Within: Strategically Identifying, Assessing and Training Your Board of Directors
June 2013 Assessing your Non-Profit: Is Strategic Planning Appropriate for Your Organization

July 2013 Implementing the Screening Standards: Emerging Lessons from the Wyoming Department of Corrections

July 2013 Faith in Action: Working with Children of Incarcerated Parents

June 2013 Girls at Risk: A Trauma-Informed Approach

June 2013 Family Drug Court (FDC) Peer Learning Courts - Highlighting Effective FDC Practices

June 2013 Effectively Addressing Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) in Nebraska

June 2013 Developing Trauma-Informed Organizations

Removing Barriers for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
May 2013 Reversing the School-to-Prison Pipeline: From Incarceration to Education
February 2013 Consequences of Juvenile Records: They Are Not Collateral and They Can Be Forever

Implementing the Youthful Inmate Standard
May 2013 PREA in Action Webinar Series Implementing the Youthful Inmate Standard Part I: Lessons from the County and State Level in Oregon

May 2013 Saving Our Youth from Alcohol and Drugs: How Faith Leaders Can Help

May 2013 Reaching the Tipping Point - FDCs as a National Child Welfare Reform Strategy

Engaging and Empowering Families in Juvenile Justice
May 2013 Family Comes First: Transforming the Justice System by Partnering with Families
February 2013 Expanding on the Definition of Family and Engagement
December 2012 Engaging and Empowering Families in Juvenile Justice: An Overview From the National, State, and Local Levels

April 2013 Making "What Works" Work for You: Evidence-Based Components and Adaptation

April 2013 The Impact of Isolation Practices in Confinement Facilities

March 2013 Good Solutions Solve Multiple Problems: Addressing the Links between Multiple Forms of Violence

March 2013 Knowledge Sharing Community: Responding to Domestic Violence in FDCs

February 2013 Engaging and Involving Families of Justice-Involved Youth

Improving Outcomes for Multi-System Involved Youth Who Cross Over Between Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice - Webinar Series
January 2013 Crossover Youth Practice Model: Results From the First Year of Implementation
November 2012 Exploring Interventions for Youth Through the Implementation of the Crossover Youth Practice Model
September 2012 Preventing Youth From Crossing Over Between the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Systems
July 2012 Causes, Correlates, and Pathways of Multi-System Youth: Research, Data, and What We Know

December 2012 Sustainability: A Collaborative Approach

November 2012 Collaborating at the Local Level to Serve Veterans and their Children

November 2012 Keeping Kids Safe and Resilient

November 2012 Is Your FDC Built to Last? The Importance of Real Sustainability Planning

The Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention - Webinar Series
October 2012 School-Based Health Professionals Respond to Bullying
September 2012 Strategies to Ensure a Healthy Adolescence
August 2012 Cyberbullying: What You Can Do
August 2011 Bullying Intervention: What Works
June 2011 Bullying and Civil Rights: An Overview of School Districts' Federal Obligation to Respond to Harassment

DMC National Webinar Series
October 2012 Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) Webinar Part 2: What the Data and Research Tell Us
August 2011 Disproportionate Minority Contact: Issues and Trends at the National‚ State and Local Level

October 2012 The Prison Rape Elimination Act and the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act: Important Protections for Youth in Custody

October 2012 Family Drug Court Models - Parallel vs. Integrated

October 2012 Family Drug Court Models - Parallel vs. Integrated

Sustainability in Times of Scarce Resources - Webinar Series
August 2012 Foundations and Grant Makers as Strategic Partners in Sustainability Efforts
June 2012 Effective Strategies to Help Sustain Your Quality Programs
May 2012 Sustainability in Times of Scarce Resources

Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges Faced by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Intersex Youth - Webinar Series
August 2012 Understanding the Importance of Implementing an Effective Justice System Response for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Intersex Youth in Custody
July 2012 The Critical Role of Families in Reducing Risk and Promoting Well-Being for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Intersex Youth
June 2012 Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges Faced by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Intersex Youth in Schools and Communities

June 2012 Is the Juvenile Justice Realignment Train Slowing Down?

May 2012 Leadership Development: Keys to Leading Juvenile Justice Reform

TCAM Evaluation Webinar Series for Mentoring Program Staff
April 2012 Using Validated Measures to Assess Mentoring Programs
April 2012 Enhancing Evaluation to Improve Results

Assessing Project Performance: Building Blocks of Evaluation and Performance Measure - Webinar Series
March 2012 Data Collection and Analysis
February 2012 Advanced Program Logic
February 2012 Introduction to Program Logic
January 2012 Basics of Performance Measurement and Evaluation

Using the Tools of Restorative Justice - Webinar Series
March 2012 The Road to Juvenile Justice: The Intersection of Restorative Justice and Disproportionate Minority Contact
January 2012 Bricks and Mortar of Restorative Justice: Build to Withstand the Winds of Change

March 2012 Building a Continuum of Services for Youth in Custody

December 2011 New Compliance Monitors Postconference Webinar

December 2011 Promising DMC Delinquency Prevention and Systems Improvement Strategies

September 2011 New Compliance Monitors Preconference Webinar

June 2011 Enhancements to the Relative Rate Index (RRI) Web-based Data Entry System

March 2011 Implementing DMC Assessment Plans

March 2011 Developing DMC Assessment Plans

February 2011 Building Sustainable Organizations: Developing Capacity from the Ground Up

  Date Title

March 2014 Introduction to Child Sex Trafficking: Awareness and Response (ICSTAR)

February 2014 Introduction to Collaborative Community Partnerships

February 2014 Medical Training Academy

February 2014 The Medical Examination in Child Sexual Abuse

February 2014 Demystifying the Courtroom Experience

February 2014 Colposcopic Photo Documentation

February 2014 Introduction to CAC Management

February 2014 Advanced Management

February 2014 Management Institute

February 2014 Accreditation Bootcamp

February 2014 Understanding and Communicating with Children with Disabilities

February 2014 Autism Behavior Checklist/Case Studies/Interview Scenarios

February 2014 Abuse, Behavior, and Communication: Its Impact on Responding to Crime Victims with Disabilities

February 2014 Model Case Review - Harford, MD

February 2014 Model Case Review - Fairborn, OH

February 2014 Strategic Planning

February 2014 Chapter Accreditation Training Series

February 2014 Chapter Accreditation Training Series

January 2014 Introduction to CAC Management

January 2014 Demystifying the Courtroom Experience

January 2014 Missing Children: Dynamics & Response 1 (MCDR1)

January 2014 Missing Children: Dynamics & Response 2 (MCDR2)

January 2014 Missing Children Clearinghouse Training (MCCT)

January 2014 Source Investigations

Safe Schools Online Training Series
April 2013 Safe Schools: Forming Your Safe School Planning Team
April 2013 Safe Schools: Preparing for a School Crisis
April 2013 Safe Schools: Responding to a School Crisis
April 2013 Safe Schools: Assessing School Safety

January 2013 OJJDP Online Grantee Training: Managing Your Grant Award

January 2013 Developing a Mental Health Court:
An Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Underage Drinking Enforcement
January 2013 Conducting Compliance Check Operations
January 2013 Environmental Strategies
January 2013 Party Prevention & Controlled Party Dispersal
January 2013 Techniques for Managing Special Events

November 2012 Using TCAM Resources to Increase Your Mentoring Program’s Capacity

June 2012 Staff Development for Mentoring Programs

June 2012 Communications Course: Communications for Mentoring Programs

October 2011 TCAM Online Training Modules for Staff

October 2011 TCAM Online Training Series for Mentors

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No Blended Learning events found